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You never know when Kudos will come or where they will come from. Sometimes they come from our wonderful Patient Experience Professionals who share what they are hearing from patients, sometimes directly from the doctors and staff, and sometimes from volunteers. We would like to share some of the Kudos which we received this quarter. We appreciate them and enjoy them and hope that through them you will have a real appreciation of our "Family" of patients, volunteers, staff, physicians and surgeons, and our wonderful neighbors.

From a patient who was very happy that her personal belongings were kept safe and secure during her stay

From Staff to an ED RN for handling multiple critical patients with great care and intelligence, always remaining calm and emotionally supportive to patients, even when she is working hard

From a patient and his spouse who brought in steaks they prepared for the ER Staff as a thank you for the wonderful care

For an Observation nurse who felt that something wasn't right for a patient and accompanied her for testing to Nuclear Medicine where the patient unexpectedly coded

To the OR Staff for working into the early morning hours on cases

From a patient in the ER who has had great care the 4 times they have been here and says the hospital saved her spouse's life

From The Joint Commission Patient Safety Manager to all hospital staff for the cleanliness of the hospital

From a Pulmonary Rehab patient who credits our team for saving his life, enabling him to play with grandkids, walk and be able to make trips to the grocery store

From a patient obituary which reads in part: "The family would like to acknowledge the amazing care he received in the ICU from his day and night nurses and the Respiratory team. Hugs to you all for treating your patient and us with respect and love as if he were your own. You are the angels he and the family needed in his final fight. God Bless You!,

From an Observation patient who says he received the best care he has had in 56 years and shows his appreciation by supplying lunch for the unit

To the ED about treatment and discharge of a 5-year old patient in less than 2 hours, adding a comment they are very happy with the care and compassion of the staff

To an ED Nurse who helped a patient and his spouse through a difficult life event by honoring a last request by playing a wedding song and allowing them to have a last dance

From a very emotional Cardiac Rehab patient to the Rehab team for showing professionalism, humanism, and for being very efficient with a positive spirit

From a patient letter for exceptional care and compassion, allowing her husband to pass here at the hospital rather than go to hospice

From the ED Director to the volunteers who did an awesome job helping and consoling a spouse and family so the ED team could assist the patient

To the Environmental Services team for 100% compliance with the Department of Health over the last 8 years

From a patient phone call who said the doctor treated her like she was his mother or grandmother

To the hospital ADA Coordinator for buying bowls and food for a patient's pet while she was our patient

From a nurse to a volunteer in the ED for his extra efforts to tidy patient rooms when they are gone for testing, also learning that he is one of the hospital's volunteer chaplains who sees patients when he isn't volunteering in the ED

From the sister of a Critical Care patient with severe dementia thankful for the outstanding care and understanding she received

For the loving care a patient received from the Surgical Staff while being wheeled away to surgery

From a patient who said her nurse made her feel that she was her only patient