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The NEW Heart Center

Once complete, our new and improved facility (located on the hospital's second floor) will be the most advanced cardiac catheterization laboratory in the region. Non-invasive procedures will be performed in the same area as minimally invasive and invasive tests, allowing our team to get more detailed information about your heart quickly and efficiently. The pre- and post-operative patient staging areas will provide privacy and patient comfort. Plus, cardiac procedures and cardiac rehabilitation will now be together in one area.

The Heart Center at UF Health The Villages® Hospital is the only center in The Villages® with the full backing of a hospital that has earned the highest level of accreditation by the American College of Cardiology as a Chest Pain Center with Primary Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (angioplasty with stent) and Resuscitation.

Now we need YOUR help! UF Health The Villages® Hospital Auxiliary Foundation is looking for financial partnerships with individuals and surrounding businesses to support this endeavor to continue to provide leading-edge cardiac care to The Villages® and surrounding communities. YOU are the key to making this dream a reality.

For more information please call 352.751.8871.

SimMan Vascular Manikin

We all know that a pilot does not walk up to an unfamiliar plane, jump in the cockpit and take off. A flight simulator acquaints the pilot with the fundamentals of the airplane and then tests him with a series of challenges that may occur suddenly. At UF Health The Villages® Hospital, we have transformed ourselves in much the same way. The emergent care training dynamic was fundamentally transformed when our Auxiliary Foundation purchased the SimMan Manikin. At the time of acquisition, this simulator was one of only two in existence worldwide and the only one in the Americas.

Until recently, attempts to simulate real-life emergent care have been difficult to achieve. This manikin is part of a hospital learning laboratory that is being developed for ongoing training. We have zeroed in on two key targets which are critical events in our communities – heart attacks and strokes. Awareness, competence, coordination and efficiency oftentimes are the difference between full recovery and lasting impairment. Our goal is to develop a "chain of survival" for these conditions which completes the loop between recognition and treatment in less than 90 minutes. This includes EMS field paramedics who initiate care and phone the hospital to alert a dedicated heart attack or stroke team which initiates the proper care protocols.

SimMan Vascular became a reality at our hospital because of the Support Our Workforce program which was designed by the hospital and funded in 2016 through the generosity of donors to the Foundation. To become a part of this great program or to see a demonstration of the SimMan Vascular Manikin, please call 352.751.8871.

The New 3-D Digital Vascular Surgery Suite

The future of minimally invasive surgery is available today at UF Health The Villages® Hospital with the 3-D Digital Vascular Surgery Suite. This suite provides surgeons with more precise 3-D imagery to improve accuracy, lessen the amount of time it takes for each surgery with real-time imaging and get patients back to their lives as quickly as possible.

This hybrid operating room is designed for complex yet less invasive heart and blood vessel treatments. From this single suite outfitted with the latest in technology, multidisciplinary medical teams work together to perform both traditional open surgeries and minimally invasive procedures.

With the touch of a few buttons, a doctor can move the system to the table to take pictures of the patient’s anatomy and then move it out of the way to give physicians, nurses, technologists, anesthesiologists and others plenty of room for surgery. The hybrid operating room eliminates the need to transfer the patient between procedures, reducing the risk of procedural complications, infections, and OR time.

To schedule your tour of the Digital Vascular Surgery Suite, please call 352.751.8871.

digital suite

UF Health The Villages® Hospital Freestanding ER

Between 100 and 125 patients enter the emergency department at UF Health The Villages® Hospital every day—averaging 150 during peak season. This volume of patients is what led the hospital to begin construction of a new freestanding emergency department.

This modern, 25,000-square-foot facility officially opened its doors for patients in February 2020. This full-service emergency room (ER) is open 24/7 and is capable of accepting and stabilizing all emergency patient populations.

The ER features a full complement of staff including physicians, nurses and patient care technicians and is equipped with 16 beds, two of which are situated inside of state-of-the-art trauma bays. Additional services include laboratory, pharmacy, respiratory therapy, and diagnostic imaging.

It is the first facility of its kind in the Wildwood area and is located directly across from Brownwood Paddock Square in The Villages®.

freestanding er