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Robert and Thomas Fross, Fross & Fross Wealth Management

Robert and Thomas Fross of Fross & Fross Wealth Management have played a significant role in partnering with UF Health The Villages® Hospital Auxiliary Foundation to achieve its mission.

They were personally touched by the effects of cancer when their wife/sister-in-law died at a very young age from the terrible disease. As they became a room naming sponsor to honor Amy and all others touched by breast cancer they remarked, "UF Health The Villages® Hospital's commitment to providing the very best level of care in Central Florida will undoubtedly affect the lives of almost all of our clients. The Auxiliary Foundation's strong focus in raising funds for this wonderful hospital is truly contagious. Since we know that 100% of the money donated stays right here in our community helping our own residents we think every business and organization should consider partnering with the Foundation."

Fred Briggs, President of The Villages® Homeowner's Association

"The Villages® Homeownwer's Association decided to become a partner with UF Health The Villages® Hospital Auxiliary Foundation because we recognized the wonderful contribution they make to our community and specifically to the Hospital" said Fred Briggs, President of VHA.

"Our organization works to make a similar contribution to our residents. It was a natural fit to work together and make both organizations stronger. Our homes and businesses in The Villages® are served by 'OUR' hospital. Its ability to provide the best care to those of us who live and work here is paramount to our living healthy lives. Everyone needs to recognize that we all have a stake in the hospital's success."

George and Gloria Counselman

George and Gloria Counselman became donors to UF Health The Villages® Hospital Auxiliary Foundation after volunteering for nearly a year. Volunteering where they see a necessity has always been part of their adult lives.

Gloria says, "At the hospital there is a need for volunteers. The volunteers really work; they are not just for show. George and I put in a lot of hours, but we do it because we want to—not because we have to, and that makes a big difference."

George says they do their homework before donating financially. He says of the Foundation, "They don't waste money. They have their act together." Referring to Dick Campbell, George continues, "Dick's fiscal philosophy caught my attention. We knew they would be good stewards of our monetary contributions."

While they are Room Naming Sponsors, you won't see their name on the plaque; the donor is listed as Two Volunteers. Gloria continues, "We like to be quiet donors. The hospital is so valuable to the community. We saw a need and wanted to support what others have so generously begun."

Mac Griffith

Mac Griffith is the Senior District Executive of the Boy Scouts of America for the Lake District of Florida. Mac became involved in scouting at the age of six and became an Eagle Scout at 17. He was a 6th grade teacher for two years, so his background demonstrates his concern for youth. That's why he was instrumental in developing a partnership with the Auxiliary Foundation's Scholarship Program.

"Through the partnership that Lake District Scouting and the Auxiliary Foundation has had, both scouting youth and scholarship recipients have benefitted directly through the experiences these gifts have provided," he said. "It is through this partnership that both organizations will continue to serve youth for a better tomorrow."