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Royal Palm Society

Our Royal Palm Society is UF Health The Villages® Hospital's most prestigious patron recognition. Royal Palm Patrons are those whose Royal Palm Societycumulative gifts or pledges to our foundation have reached $25,000.

As a Royal Palm patron, you'll join a charitable and caring group of friends and community leaders who help advance medical excellence at UF Health The Villages® Hospital by generating needed funds for patient care, programs and projects; purchasing new equipment; and providing support to meet the specific needs of various departments.

Unrestricted gifts to the Royal Palm Society are utilized where the need is greatest and help advance our overall programs and outreach to our community.

Royal Palm patrons enjoy a camaraderie and sense of mission. You will be acknowledged and celebrated for your generous support with a series of honors, hospital privileges and special invitations. Patrons may participate in exclusive functions throughout the year, and each hospital offers VIP patient privileges to Royal Palm patrons and your dependent family members.

Your Royal Palm patronage is synonymous with generosity, outstanding achievement and fellowship.


The mission of our Royal Palm Society is to provide philanthropic support to UF Health The Villages® Hospital to ensure it maintains a margin of excellence in providing the highest possible quality of healthcare to our community.

Methods of giving

Gifts may include any combination of the following:

  • A donation of $25,000 or more.
  • A pledge of $25,000 or more over a period of time.
  • A $25,000 gift of stock, real estate or tangible property.
  • Special planned gifts and gifts of insurance.

Note: All gifts are subject to approval by UF Health The Villages® Hospital Auxiliary Foundation board of directors.

Donor and public recognition

  • A plaque dedicating a patient room or other facility.
  • A distinctive Royal Palm patron plaque signifying your elite commitment.
  • Permanent recognition on our donor wall.
  • Special VIP invitations to all hospital Auxiliary Foundation events.
  • Public recognition and a photograph with your permission.

Hospital privileges and amenities*

  • Royal Palm Society membership card: We will provide you with a card identifying you as a member of this elite circle of friends. Royal Palm patrons and their dependents will receive the private number of our Royal Palm liaison.
  • Personal patient representative: Our Royal Palm liaison will assist in coordinating your personal service and expedite administrative procedures, requests, preadmission assistance, etc.
  • Personalized admission and registration: At bedside, when possible.
  • Preferred parking: Privileged parking for all Royal Palm patrons.
  • Emergency care: Every effort will be made to promptly notify your Royal Palm liaison of your arrival. Whenever possible, please let the emergency registrar know you are a Royal Palm patron or show your Royal Palm Society card.
  • Upgraded rooms: When your medical condition permits it, you will receive preference for an upgraded room whenever available.
  • Special hospital amenities: UF Health The Villages® Hospital Auxiliary Foundation coordinates special amenities, including gourmet meals (when medically allowed), guest trays, fruit baskets, robe and slippers, flowers, newspapers, and magazines.

*Privileges and amenities are subject to change.

Current Royal Palm Society members

  • Dr. Patrick & Kelly Acevedo
  • Doug & Kendra Akers
  • Dr. Stephen & Mary Beth Autry
  • Sarah Beaulieu
  • Walter & Robin Bell
  • Roseanne Brandeburg
  • John and Beth Bondurant
  • Richard & Nancy Campbell
  • Dale and Sherri Cebert
  • Richard & Barbara Cole
  • George & Gloria Counselman
  • Willian & Anita Crumel
  • Russel & Marie D'Emidio
  • Dennis & Edie Demshar
  • Jan & Shari Digman
  • Paul & Jeanne Farineau
  • Stephen Fisher
  • Robert & Maria Fross
  • Thomas & Jenny Fross
  • Fredrick & Jacqueline Funk
  • David & Sylvia Gardner
  • Patrick & Lori Gillis
  • Alan & Carol Ann Goldstein
  • Larry & Betty Greer
  • Robert Griffin
  • Dr. Maen Hussein & Michelle Viveiros
  • Maurice & Betsy Joy
  • Gary & Barbara Kadow
  • Joseph & Millie Klemish
  • James Kozinski
  • Robert & Barbara Kubea
  • Diane Kupchak
  • Ray & Trini Leggiero
  • Jim Lemon
  • Kent & Betty Lunsford
  • Dr. Edwin & Robin McDaniel
  • Allen & Waneita Menke
  • Harry & Beth Miller
  • Paul & Effie Miller
  • Cliff & Sarah Nash
  • Susan Nash
  • Duane & Sandy Nusbaum
  • Jutta Owens
  • John & Cynthia Parr-Rabley
  • Mary Ann & Evan Richards
  • Francis & Linda Robacker
  • Scott and Kelly Robertson
  • Fred Robey
  • Rotary Club President
  • Tom & Kim Ruggie
  • David & Yvette Sanborn
  • Scott & Debbie Sander
  • Charlie & Debbie Smith
  • Jim & Pam Smothers
  • Eugene & Marcia Spada
  • Ron & Carol Spira
  • Wendy L. Staniforth
  • Stephen & Stephanie Strong
  • Daniel & Alberta Sullivan
  • Sumter Landing Bike Club President
  • Gerald & Marilyn Ten Eyck
  • William & Nedra Townley
  • Lee & Francis Van Horn
  • Don & Bonnie Waggoner

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